On the ground level, there are live outlets on the Highland Street side: “Coat Room” (U-ground) and “Green Room” (receptacle above mantle), and at the base of the lighting control panel on the stage (be VERY careful walking up there). The stage roof has leaks, and puddles collect on the floor in several locations.

Memorial Hall: There are two baseboard outlets (no U-ground) approximately under the left and right sides of the mural. There are U-gnd duplex outlets under the window wall. These are all live as of Oct 2016. The only lights in  Memorial Hall are on the pedestals, so plan on bring uplights, and any task/music lighting needed.  Speaking is not understandable, even with amplification (MANY have tried!)  due to the extreme reverberation (which is excellent for music).

Most of the facility power is 3-phase 208v, but the baseboard outlets are standard 110V (but mostly NOT U-ground- bring a “cheater” 3-to-2 adapter).  Fuses are mostly the old screw-in type and easily blow, altho many are 20 and 30 Amp. (Exceptions the outlets in the off-limits basement office area (formerly parking garage)  which has modern wiring)

There are fluorescent lights in the ceilings under the balcony in the Great Hall, controlled by a simple wall switch in the Highland Street outer hall.

The only two restrooms are single-seater bathrooms in the green room area. Only one of these has a working sink. As of Sept 2016 there are cases of toilet paper and folded paper towels, but in Oct 2016 the paper towel case disappeared.  The bathrooms were made operational (along with installation of a wooden accessibility ramp on the Highland Street side) by Preservation Worcester.

There are no light bulbs, bring your own – many are burnt out everywhere.
Bring your own ladders, tools, etc.

There are 85 salmon-colored folding chairs,  augmented in Oct 2016 with 190 more rescued from the basement dungeon of Notre Dame. Above that, you will need to rent from a local vendor (1.25 to $2/chair, plus delivery/pickup in the range of $25 one-way)

There are several 30″ x 60″ tables (social-hall folding-leg style) around the facility.

Original 1970s brochure describing the rent-able facility: PDF

PDF for signs to post: AUD Signs (Rest Rooms, etc.)